About Us

Shukla Ashar group has been founded in 1952 and have been in the field of distribution & marketing for the past 60 years now.

Founded by Shri N. D. Shukla & Shri J. B. Ashar the Company has grown from a modest beginning to distribution & marketing of various petroleum products. Besides being a repute for all petroleum products of Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd. , we have been distributors of Shell, Tata-BP & ExxonMobil lubricants for Automotive & Industrial grade for over 30 years in the past.

The Company has diversified its activities in the field of Agriculture, Health, Hygiene, Animal Hygiene, Mosquito Control and Management , Cleaning as well as Degreasing and Soil Management and Detoxification of pesticides related products which are unique and first of its kind in India and manufactured with technology from North America. Purely herbal in nature made out of vegetable extracts, they are Agro Clean, Agro Charger and Green Clean.

A plant with a manufacturing capacity of 10000 kilolitres is being set up in a 4 Acre plot near Rajkot, Gujarat State, India. We have entered into an MOU with the Government of Gujarat for setting up this plant.

It is our dream and resolve, here from the Shukla Ashar team to provide these marvel & miracle products directly to the farmers at an affordable rate and contribute towards genuine economic growth of the farming community.

Plates loaded with pesticides:
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Garima Prasher,TNN | Nov 8, 2013, 05.50 AM IST