Agro Charger Herbal

….the ultimate Bio stimulant
We are pleased to introduce 100% Green, Herbal, Eco- friendly, 100% Bio-degradable and a 100% Non Carcinogen yet very EFFECTIVE and EFFICACIOUS products- the first of its kind in India namely, “AGRO CHARGER” for the Agricultural Sector.

Vigorously tested at Anand Agricultural University for two consecutive years, Agro Charger has proven itself to increase farm yield by 35 % to 101%. A stupendous increase in crop production that could change the farming scenario in the years to come!!!

‘Agro Charger’ is made in a sub-atomic process on the principle of ‘CAT ION EXCHANGE’. It is blended from farm grown commodities such as Sugarcane, Coconut, Corn, Soy, Potatoes, Herbal Grass, Tree Saps ,Grains, Non Chlorinated Water, in a special process that embodies the latest developments in environmental science: QUANTUM ELECTRO MECHANICAL PHYSICS & COLLOIDAL CHEMISTRY.

‘Agro Charger’ increases the Cat ion Exchange Capacity (CEC) of the plant. Agro Charger is widely known to be an exceptionally effective Cat ion exchange stimulant.

Agro Charger dissolves fertilizer particles, reducing them into elemental ions. This makes them more readily absorbable via foliar, basal or systemic application.

Besides having the potential to double the crop yield , it is a very safe and a cost effective option that increase the profitability of the farmer tremendously.

The salient features being:
• Helps greatly increase the absorption of existing water and nutrients in plants.
• It greatly reduces the amount of fertilizers and water needed to be added
to the soil.
• It visibly enhances growth, hardiness and yield.
• Increases the BRIX (Sugar content).
• Improves plant’s resistance to cold weather damage down to -2.7°C.
• Provides natural protection against insects that cannot digest sugar.
• Provides faster growth and maturity thus producing earlier harvest volumes.

Agro Charger provides a cutting edge on the productivity as well as on the cost -effectiveness balance besides being one of the safest product to be used on the plant- both for the user as well as the plant and the soil.

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