Agro Clean

A 100% Non Carcinogen yet very EFFECTIVE and EFFICACIOUS product- the first of its kind in India namely “AGRO CLEAN” for the Agricultural Sector. It is a ZERO RESIDUE formulation with no pesticides in it. This is certified by the Pesticide Residue Laboratory, an ICAR Unit of Anand Agricultural University, Anand after rigorous trials and in-depth study.

After being vigorously tested multiple field trials at Anand Agricultural University for two consecutive years, Agro Clean has proven that it cleans crops and vegetables from a host of sucking pests and fungi. That too it is known to keep all sucking pests like Thrips, White Flies, Mealy bugs, Aphids, Jassids and even fruit Borers away for around two week after spraying. A stupendous increase in crop production that could change the farming scenario in the years to come!!!

‘Agro Clean’ is made in a sub-atomic process on the principle of ‘CATION EXCHANGE’. It is blended from farm grown commodities such as Sugarcane, Coconut, Corn, Soy, Potatoes, Herbal Grass, Tree Saps, Grains, Non Chlorinated Water, in a special process that embodies the latest developments in environmental science: QUANTUM ELECTRO MECHANICAL PHYSICS & COLLOIDAL CHEMISTRY.

A Marvel HERBAL product that also cleans the plant and the crops of various foreign bodies that include dust, foreign particles, pollutants having oil base, hydrocarbon like chains, oil based and wax based foreign bodies or particles, effluents and high carbon containing gases. This helps in keeping the crop and the yield clean and acts as is a powerful disinfectant

At the same instance it is 100% non toxic and 100%carcinogen free and readily Bio degradable and Herbal in nature. In short, it provides a very Broad-Spectrum answer in an endevour and a quest for a healthy Plant and a healthy non toxic application on the crop in the SAFEST possible manner. It does not have any RESIDUALS after application on the crops and the plant and DOES NOT CONTAIN ANY PESTICIDES or for that matter any toxic or carcinogenic or petroleum based compounds that are detrimental to human health.

Again, it does not pose any problems with regards to the concerns for
1. Pre-Harvest Interval (PHI) as it is a food grade product as well as
2. Maximum Residual Limit (MRL) as it does not contain any carcinogens or toxic products as it is purely herbal in nature.

To highlight the salient features, it is:
• Safer and healthier as it is non-toxic.
• Emits no hazardous or illness causing fumes.
• Readily biodegradable (84% TOC in 28 days).
• Very Cost competitive against toxic products.
• Non-corrosive, non-fuming and non-flammable.
• Non Carcinogenic.
• No chance of fire, explosion or corrosion.
• Used in North America, achieving 105% efficiency against EPA standards.
• No need for masks or protective clothing.
• No need for masks or protective clothing.
• Simple to use as it is soluble in water.
• No special training required.
• A big list of Institutes which have accredited Agro Charger and Agro Clean for various tests in USA.

Agro Clean is so gentle yet so powerful on the plants as well as the consumers that a revolutionary test is also on at Pesticide Residue Laboratory, Anand Agricultural University for Detoxification of Pesticide from the crops, fruits and vegetables after application of our formulations. Our formulations break the residual pesticides and make the crop or the vegetable or the fruit virtually toxic pesticide free. This shall help all household to consume pesticide free vegetables and fruits and save themselves from the ill effects of high pesticide consumption. It is just the beginning of the good things to come, in future!!!!

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