Green Clean

Green Clean is a high-performing cleaner/ degreaser which is incredibly effective at safely and quickly dissipating oil from surfaces ranging from equipment, from ovens, floors, carpets, sofa and seat covers, bar and table tops. It cuts grease very efficaciously without any fumes and odour. Very effective in Hotels, Restaurants and Commercial Kitchens.

Green Clean is a “Hospital Grade” Cleaner and a disinfectant, and is proven to have an enhanced antimicrobial activity against microorganisms such as Escherichia coli, Bacillus subtilis, Staphylococcus Aureus, Salmonella, Pseudomonas Aeruginosa, Bacillus Spizizenii, Candida Albicans and many more.

Pets, animals when given a bath with our non toxic Nano formulations have shown remarkable response in eradication of lice, ticks, mites, cattle grubs and bad odour from the animal body.

Research is at an advanced stage in eradicating mosquito menace through elimination of larvae and pupae by spraying- thereby potentially saving millions of lives with no ill effects, in the years to come!! That too in a non-toxic and a non mutagenic manner!!

Green Clean has the ability to remove foul smell and bacteria through emulsification from public urinals, toilets and also fumigates garbage heaps and helps prevent the spread of foul smell and air borne disease causing bacteria. More importantly, it is non-toxic, readily bio-degradable and 100% non-carcinogenic. It can be applied manually with no special equipment required for handling, application, or storage. Green Clean can also be used by field personnel as a gentle, yet so powerful soap/ laundry detergent, degreaser to effectively remove oil encountered on the job. More importantly it meets all NSF standards and hence is completely safe in cleaning kitchens, ovens and other related equipments.

This magic of ‘quantum chemistry’ converts plant extracts into colloids- a powerful yet surprisingly gentle solution that dissolve grease, oil, cellular lipid proteins, soap scum, pesticide, insect stains, and other hydrocarbons.
It is the safest and the quickest way to cut grease, clean ovens, floors, carpets, table, bar tops, etc. without irritating fumes offending customers or users. Moreover, it is a nontoxic carcinogen free product without any fumes or harmful side effects. It also dissolves and removes grease from water drains.

It is so safe that it can be applied manually with no special equipment needed for handling. Green Clean can also be used by field personnel as a gentle, yet powerful soap/ degreaser for personal hygiene to remove oil encountered on the job.

We are pleased to introduce “Green Clean” a total Biodegradable, 100% non carcinogenic, all natural, non-toxic, non- fuming, non-flammable, NSF grade product that degreases kitchens and disinfects tabletops, bartops, sofas, floors… you name it!!

  • 100% Non Toxic
  • 100% Non Carcinogen
  • 100% Non Mutagenic
  • 100% Non Fuming
  • 100% Non Flamable
  • 100% Non Hazardous
  • 100% Odour Free
  • Purely Herbal And All Natural
  • Extremely Powerful Yet Completely Safe
  • Readily Biodegradable
  • USDA Bio-Preferred Certified
  • OSHA 29 CFR1910 Compliant
  • NSF – Food Grade Approved
  • EPA Florida Approved

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